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Add variables to a URL redirect

Variables allow you to track information in a URL. This means you can pass information, such as answers to your videoask or contact details from the contact form, when respondents are redirected to a URL (or another videoask!).

If you're not familiar with redirects, find out more about how to redirect respondents to a webpage or how to redirect respondents from one videoask to another.

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Add variables to a URL redirect

Redirect and pass contact information from one videoask to another

Add variables to a URL redirect


Once you've added the URL you want to redirect respondents to, type an "@" sign to bring up the variable menu.



Select a variable from the menu. To add multiple values, type the "&" and then the "@" symbols to open the menu and add a second variable.



Depending on where you redirect respondents, variables can be used in a variety of ways.

For example, here respondents will be redirected to a Google search of the multiple-choice option they select for step 4: 



When you're happy with your setup, be sure to click Save.


And that's it! Rinse and repeat for as many steps as you like. 

Note: If you'd like to redirect respondents based on their answers using conditional logic, you'll need to use multiple choice, AI Chatbot, or NPS® answer types.

Redirect and pass contact information from one videoask to another

Do you want to redirect respondents from one videoask to another, but don't want to ask for contact details in each videoask? Ask for contact information once and pass it to other videoasks using variables.  

Using URL redirect variables, you'll need to match the contact fields of each videoask by following these steps:


Copy the share link of your second videoask (the one you want to redirect to). 



In your first videoask, make sure a contact form is enabled for at least one of the steps.



In the Redirect to URL field, paste the link to your second videoask.



At the end of the URL, type #contact_name= 



Type an @ symbol and select Contact name from the list.



After the Contact name variable, type &contact_email=



Type an @ symbol and select Contact email from the list.



Click Save.


That's it! Now the contact information your respondent enters into the first videoask...


...will end up in the second! 🤗


Note: When using multiple redirects in your workflow with contact variables–for example, redirecting from a first videoask to a second videoask, and from the second videoask to another URL– it's important to enable the contact form in your second videoask. This will allow you to add contact variables when setting up the next redirect.

Don't worry, respondents won't have to fill out the same contact form twice (they won’t actually see the contact form in the second videoask). Just make sure to set the contact form fields as required in the first videoask.

However, if there are additional contact details you want to collect in the second videoask, the contact form will appear for respondents to fill in the additional information.

Below is an example that passes contact information from one videoask to another. Go ahead and give it a try! 

Note: The above videoask is set to preview mode. This means your answers won't be submitted. 

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